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Natural Cancer Treatments

Dr. Daniel has developed a a self-help Cancer Lifeline Kit (based on what has worked for over 20,000 people with cancer) along with a supportive Mentor Service, that are available from Health Creation. The Kit that guides people step-by-step on an integrated medicine healing journey, seemingly often with remarkable results.

Five people who were terminally ill with cancer are now alive and well, after Health Creation Founder Dr. Rosy Daniel prescribed the Indian herbal medicine Carctol. Dr Daniel has prescribed Carctol for years and now feels she is seeing a breakthrough. Dr Daniel wants scientists to research this herbal medicine. Also see Carctol.

Dr. Daniel says:

"Carctol is made up of eight Indian herbs. Five of the herbs are classed as having medicinal value."

"It is thrilling after 20 years in integrated cancer medicine looking at every type of complementary and alternative approach to have finally found a herbal medicine which can can give real hope to people with cancer."

Dr. Danielwas inspired to prescribe the herbal drug after travelling to India and meeting Carctol pioneer, Dr Nandlal Tiwari. The Rajasthan based Ayurvedic doctor has prescribed Carctol for over 20 years with some astounding results.

"I met a number of the people there who suffered from cancer that had been told there was no further medical help available. They had been given three to six months to live and I met them five to 10 years later."