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What Is Carctol®?

CARCTOL® is a gift of timeless knowledge of Ayurveda, the complete science of perfection in life. CARCTOL® is a clinically proven herbal compound containing purely natural, rare and precious herbs. These herbs are mixed together in precise proportion to balance & nourish the entire body & strengthen the immune system. CARCTOL® also helps the cancer patients to fight cancer and also to combat the side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy.
“CARCTOL® has also been subjected to in-vitro study at the Advanced Cancer Research Centre of TATA, Mumbai against 14 types of human cancer cells out of which it was found effective against pancreatic and lung cancer. It was placed on record that CARCTOL® is being used for treatment of cancer patients both in the country and abroad. After preparation of dossiers, multi-centric clinical trials will be conducted,” sources in the Council said.

All the herbs used in CARCTOL® have been certified as anticancer by different countries. Apart from cancer all the herbs used in CARCTOL® have immune boosting properties.
CARCTOL® is totally safe for human consumption, it is as safe as food. A normal healthy individual can consume CARCTOL® as it has no known side effects. Ideally for the cancer patients CARCTOL® is advised to be taken for a minimum period of 60-90 days or as advised by your healthcare professional. Apart from its results on cancer it also boosts the immune system & regains the physical strength and normal body function over a period of time. Even after getting recovered by cancer many patients take CARCTOL® as prophylaxis, as it has no side effects & is as safe as food & can be consumed even by a normal person as supplement.

  1. Brain Cancer
  2. Blood Cancer-CML/AML
  3. Non Hodgking’s Lymphoma + TB
  4. Prostate Cancer along with bone metastasis
  5. Breast Cancer
  6. Colon & Rectal Cancer
  7. Abdomen Cancer
  8. Duodenum Cancer
  9. Liver Cancer
  10. Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer
  11. Carcinoma of Testis
  12. Urinary Bladder Carcinoma
  13. Lung Cancer
  14. Melanoma
  15. Pancreatic Cancer
  16. Bone Cancer
  17. Carcinoma- Esophagus
  18. Ovary + Omentum CA Cervix Cancer
  19. Skin Cancer (Non- Melanoma)
  20. Thyroid Cancer
  21. Throat & Nasopharynx Cancer.
  1. It is taken orally & is well tolerated by the patient.
  2. It is effective even in terminal stage cancer.
  3. It can be consumed precautionary to prevent recurrence, as it has no known side effects.
  4. It can be consumed by a normal healthy individual to avoid the risk of cancer.
  5. It is helpful in minimizing the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  6. It has no known side effects & is absolutely safe for human consumption.
  7. It also boosts the immune system.
  8. It regains the physical strength and normal body functions.