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Ans.: Carctol® is a herbal formulation made up of pure Indian herbs mentioned in The Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India.

Ans.: Carctol® is a herbal formulation which acts on the body at the cellular level & corrects the abnormal function and regains the physical strength. Though it is generally taken by the people suffering from cancer, it is as helpful for a normal person as it is for cancer patients. Normal person can take it for 12 months with no harm done.

Ans.: Carctol® works on the body at cellular level.

Ans.: Carctol® Capsules should be taken 3-4 times a day by emptying the contents of capsule & mixing it in ½ cup of lukewarm milk or ½ tsp honey, or as recommended by healthcare professional.

Ans.: Carctol® should not be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, the morning dose should only be taken after breakfast.

Ans.: Carctol® generally takes around 60-90 days for an initial response. As Carctol® is a combination of only pure herbs, its effect will be slow and steady. Hence, it should be taken regularly. If there is no sign of improvement within 90 days then it may be discontinued after consulting with the healthcare professional.

Ans.: Sometimes the patient would like to know the efficacy of the formulation. Many people think how they will be able to know whether Carctol® is working or not. Dr. Tiwari believes that if the formulation is working, then the patient will feel the improvement within the body. This can be ascertained and observed within 90 days by the general healthy feeling of the patient.

Ans.: While undergoing Carctol® therapy, if the patient gets any other disease or physical difficulty, he/she can be taken to the concerned doctor for consultation. Any medicines prescribed by the doctor can be taken without discontinuing Carctol® Capsules provided the gap of half an hour is maintained between the two.

Ans.: Carctol® is absolutely safe and harmless. Whether "Carctol®" helps the cancer patient or not, one must remember that IT WILL NOT do any harm to the patient. Obtained and made from completely natural resources, it can never cause any harm or side effects. So much so EVEN if a person having no disease whatsoever may safely take it for 12 months with no harm done.

Ans.: Carctol® is made from pure herbs.
The Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), Ministry of Health, Government of India-

Carctol® has also been subjected to in-vitro study at Advanced Cancer Research Center of TATA, Mumbai against 14 types of human cancer cells out of which it was found effective against pancreatic and lung cancer. It was placed on record that CARCTOL® is being used for treatment of cancer patients both in the country and abroad. After preparation of dossiers, multi-centric clinical trials will be conducted," sources in the Council said.


It has already been tested at All India Institute of Medical Sciences Laboratory New Delhi and has been cleared of causing any side effects on human body. Carctol® was also tested at Lyne, Martin and Radford Laboratory at London. These Certificate of Analysis and other relevant test reports are available on this web site.
Carctol® is a product prepared on the guidelines laid down by the Drugs Act in India. Carctol® has no metal, remains of any burnt objects/herbs, intoxicating elements, poison, and juices of chemicals of any kind that may injure or impair human life. It is an absolutely SAFE medication and can be taken as a WHOLE HERBAL FOOD OR DIETARY SUPPLEMENT.

Ans.: It’s advised that pre-boiled and then cooled/R.O. water should be given to the patient. The patient must be given as much water as possible in order to increase the urine output. This process is beneficial for the patient.
The patient should avoid ALL SOUR things while consuming Carctol. If the doctor prescribes a medicine which is sour or vitamin “C” there is no bar to that. Citrus food will not cause any harm to the patient but if it is avoided we can expect better results.
The patient should well digest all the food he eats. If his/ her digestion is not up to the mark they should consult their physician and take some appropriate medicine for improving the digestion. Carctol® works better when the digestion capacity of the patient is good.

Ans.: Carctol® is a general healer of all kind of tumors. It also helps in lessening the side effects caused by chemotherapy & radiotherapy.

Ans.: One should not be under any misconception that 100% patients would be fully cured by Carctol®. We have clearly mentioned that we have seen a 30-40% success rate in terminal stage cancer patients. The success rate is considered to be fairly high if the patient starts consuming Carctol® as soon as he/she is diagnosed with cancer. We do not claim to cure/treat any disease. Carctol® is a herbal formulation that can be taken by the patient as a support treatment/supplement.

Ans.: Carctol® comprises of pure herbs, it takes time to show results. Ideal judgment period of Carctol® is 60-90 days.