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Company Profile

Who We Are?

Dr. Nandlal Tiwari Pharmaceuticals Private Limited (DNTPPL) is a 36 year old GMP certified herbal formulation manufacturer. The founder of the company Dr. Nandlal Tiwari started with a small pharmaceuticals operation (Capsule section), today the company is emerging as a rich legacy of innovation & has a robust pipeline of promising new formulations to help patients. Through the outstanding knowledge and commitment of our employees we aim to constantly extend our Business activities and share a passion of innovation, as well as compassion for the patients around the world who are in need of our formulations.
Dr. Tiwari believes there are various diseases affecting the world population today which is the major cause of high mortality rate globally, specifically for the new emerging diseases & medical conditions in recent years DNTPPL have launched its sister concern Om Medi Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. in year 2012, which focuses on developing clinically proven and result oriented herbal formulations. Patient’s well-being is at the core of our organization. Our formulations are aimed to minimize the agony of the patient while combating the diseases.


Internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Nandlal Tiwari has been helping terminally ill cancer patients with his unique herbal formulation for the past 36 years with a fair measure of success.
He invented Carctol® from experiments done on valuable information he gathered from tribes in ASSAM forests and Himalayan Valley in India during his research on herbs there. He experienced that the formulation developed by him was found to be very helpful for the cancer patients in their recovery from cancer. He believes that a practitioner can expect good recovery rate if the cancer patients get all the modalities of treatment including alternative therapies. Dr. Tiwari, from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India helps terminally ill cancer patients and claims to have good success rate. He feels that the modern medical practitioners should take up research projects to understand how Carctol®, the alternative cancer treatment works on the body. He has been receiving recognition from all over the world and the Central government of various countries have been asked to test his formulation & work on it to refine it even further.
He has treated the patients worldwide, including Germany, South Africa, Belgium, Singapore, Sweden, Britain and Kenya. Carctol®, his invention is a blend of eight herbal ingredients, which is a result of many rigorous trials and experiments.
Dr. Tiwari has appeared on T.V. Asia London in a documentary and several other documentaries in India to report his herbal formulation. He provided "A ray of Hope" for the patients who reached out to him as a last resort.