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The Hitavada: Cancer is Curable

In the words of medicine today, the most dreaded term is Cancer. Many scientific Researches are taking place to fight this deadly disease though physicians have successfully fought and cured diseases like cholera, typhoid, T.B., Rubles, etc., bat The most terrible diseases in the world today remains the Cancer.

Doctors and others working on cancer have different views regarding the cause of cancer. In most of the cases, if a patient has reached the 3rd or 4th stage, them death is inevitable. Doctors leave such patents at the mercy of God.

Since modern science as well as civilisation stands helpless in the face of the terror of cancer, one Mr. Nandlal Tiwari running a medical shop at Durgachowk.

Gondia (Maharashtra), is the first person to unde the knot by picking up the right combination of various Herbs which gives a right treatment to this dreaded disease. Mr. Tiwari started working on cancer long ago while he was assistant manager at Assam and Darjeeling Tea Gardens. It was Mr.Tiwari's hobby to go for walks in the forests and hills every day and try to find out herbs. He came into contact with some old persons of the local tribes in this connection and got valuable information about to pick up the right herbs and other Combinations.

He continued his research and discovery for about 20 years and thereafter, he was able to find out the required. To be on more safe side and to see the effects of his new discovery on human body he tried that medicine on himself and after being dead sure of its harmlessness he started giving the same to such persons who have no means to fight this dreaded disease without any care of monetary returns. He got miraculous results from these treatments and it gave him further inspirations to work more in this filed.

A number of Cancer patients whose days were numbered breathed a new life after taking this medicine form Shri Nandlal Tiwari. He got wonderful results and succeeded in many cases and they Cancer is no more a terror to be afraid of.

There are so many cases which have been treated. Mr.Tiwari has written to the president and Prime minister of India and so many Chief Ministers of the State and the Registered Units to seek the Government ment's help so that his whole process of treatment undergoes a scientific laboratory analysis. He wants his formula to be registered with the government or some other authorlsed agency so that he may get full credit for his hard labour and long research work.

It is found that Cancer patients emit foul smell in 3rd and 4rh stages. Mr. Tiwari can get rid of such bad smell within a period of 5 to 20 days. Similarly, the cancer is detected only in 2nd stage and there is no media at present to detect the cancer in its first stage but Shri Tiwari has claimed that it is possible to detect cancer in first stage by administering his herbal medicine.

Mr. Tiwari has so far obtained 60 to 70% results of his medicine. His line of treatment does not embody any physical check up of the patient. He administered oral doses only.

His remarkable success. In treating cancer patients is certainly a noble service to mankind. It is very shortly going to be a milestone in the filed of Ayurvedic medicine. It is suggested that all possible government help should be provided to Shri Tiwari so that his discovery of such wonderful herbal medicine is recognized and utilised for the elimination of the dreaded disease of Cancer.